Svätý Anton Manor

Svätý Anton Manor, also known as Antol Manor or Koháriovský Manor, is a manor house located half a forest in the village of Svätý Anton, not far from the town of Banská Štiavnica. It is an exceptional place with valuable collections from all over the world, preserved interior, furnishings, original wallpapers and paintings, and in short, many objects of incalculable value, to which a rich history of not only regional significance is connected.


The first mentions of the manor date back to the 15th century, when the village of Svätý Anton was owned by the Kozovec brothers. At that time, this huge manor house was just a small fortified castle, as it was mentioned in 1415. In the second half of the 16th century the castle was rebuilt by the Italian builder Giulio Ferrari into a fortification when the threat of Turkish raids on Slovakia was beginning to manifest itself. It was the castle that protected Banská Štiavnica from Turkish raids from the south. A bastion has been preserved from the fortification. In 1744, a member of the Kohárjov family had a late Baroque one-storey double-winged L-shaped manor house built on the site of the older castle. A few years later, two more wings were added to the manor house so that it had the shape of a rectangle with a courtyard facing each other.

Since 1985, the Svätý Anton Manor has been registered as a national cultural monument and is open to the public.

Svätý Anton Manor and Museum

The museum in the manor house, in the village of Svätý Anton, rightly ranks among the best in Slovakia. It is a relatively well-preserved late Baroque-classical manor house, which also has a large English park. The Koháry and Coburg families are an inseparable part of the manor's history. It is thanks to these two families that you can admire the art-historical exhibition, which reflects their way of life, tastes and hobbies. The interior of the mansion contains original furnishings, paintings and products that testify to the wealth and good taste of the former owners. Furniture gems that may interest you are the golden throne, a wedding gift gilded in 24 carat gold from Maria Theresa dedicated to Marie Antoinette (Queen of France).

Address: Svätý Anton 291, 969 72 Svätý Anton

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Weddings in the museum in St. Anton

A special and beautiful place deserves a special event such as a wedding. In the manor house, a ceremony or wedding room with a capacity of 30 people is available for weddings.

To arrange a wedding, it is first of all necessary to contact the registry office of the municipality of Svätý Anton, under whose direction the ceremony will be performed. They will provide you with all the necessary information. The municipal office will directly inform you about the availability of the dates and all the conditions.

Weddings take place in the wedding hall, but the courtyard of the chateau is also a popular place for weddings due to the nice weather and especially the warm months. The Manor House does not have facilities for a reception and dancing, but you can arrange catering in the park area, which is a wonderful place for classic park photos of the newlyweds.

The turnover in the castle chapel

For those in favour of a church wedding, there is also the option of a wedding in the Castle Chapel. There is space for approximately 40 wedding guests. In order to plan a wedding in the chapel, it is necessary to communicate with the pastor directly from the village of St. Anton.

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St. Hubert's Festival

The Museum in Svätý Anton realizes a nationwide hunting festival always during 2 weekend days at the end of August or the beginning of September. St. Hubert's Days are an opportunity for a friendly gathering of hunters and non-hunters from all over Slovakia or abroad.

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